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“I was ready for a moderate amount of relief for the short term, but what a wonderful surprise! I had been suffering with a spur in my shoulder & nothing was helping me. The cortisone shot was only of minor help for a short period & the chiropractor was able to help somewhat, but the pain continued. 

I finally gave in & decided that nothing could be worse than living with the pain. So I had my first treatment. To my great surprise the relief came early that evening. When I awoke the next morning, I was still enjoying the calmness I had felt after the session & the pain was not back yet. I thought to myself, “This is good. A day without pain, maybe two.” As time progressed, I went almost an entire year without any pain.

I recommend this to anyone who is suffering with pain & especially to those who are stubborn like myself. Seeing is believing? No, feeling is believing. Thanks to this wonderful, relaxing treatment, I can go on living a better quality of life than I ever dreamed possible.” ~Pat

“I was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu many years ago by a friend practitioner who provided healing for my ailments such as low back pain, sinuses, headaches, tinnitus, etc.. After treatment, I did not always feel immediate relief, however, later in the day I realized my pain or discomfort was gone. I discovered that I needed to be consistent and diligent in my own self-help to keep feeling better. It is not a one-time healing method. Every morning and evening I hold my fingers which is a powerful healing tool (the hand is a multidirectional conduit for the energy of Jin Shin).  It has even helped me when I can’t get back to sleep.

I also bought the book “The Art of Jin Shin” by Alexis Brink as a “go-to” guide to healing with your finger tips for my self-help. It is an easy-to-use book. I am always referring to that book to help myself or family and friends.” ~Meg 

Sometimes we don’t trust the simplest things because they are so simple, but it is the simplicity of Jin Shin Jyutsu that I find so amazing and comforting. I have nerve issues and a simple hold with my fingers on the opposite toes almost immediately alleviates the pain. The holds for sleep never fail – even when I am over-caffeinated!! As with pleasures, sometimes simple is the answer.  ~Laurie

This was a very great presentation. Great information on dealing with all health issues. Very informative, and very interesting. I will utilize these techniques daily for my chronic severe migraine pain. Thanks very much for this wonderful program, that could help so many people. I really do appreciate this information.  ~Chester Library Lunch ‘n’ Learn attendee (referring to “Using Your Hands to Enhance Your Health with Jin Shin Jyutsu” presentation)

“After surgery to repair two broken bones in my knee, and two subsequent surgeries to address a serious infection caused by the first surgery, my pain was extreme. From the first Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Debbie – blessed relief! I experienced an incredible reduction of both pain and the attendant tension throughout my body precipitated by the pain. After that introductory treatment, I had my first truly restful sleep. Subsequent treatments were equally helpful. And perhaps even better – Debbie showed my husband and me how to use JSJ ourselves, so that he could help me with daily pain management and, even in the middle of the night, I could help myself to feel better and get back to sleep. The experience of JSJ is truly amazing. Many times I felt a powerful release of energy, almost like a little blast as energy began to flow through an area that had been blocked. I vigorously dislike taking opioid pain medication and the JSJ sessions and self-help enabled me to get off opiods in very short order. What a gift. Thank you Debbie. Keep spreading the word and the positive energy!”  ~Cynthia

“I came to Jin Shin Jyutsu recently through a journey of chronic pain and trying many different types of modalities and body work. What I most enjoy is how gentle it is on the body, and yet I can definitely feel (and hear!) the energy moving as soon as I put my hands on a certain spot. In a way I almost look forward to little imbalances so that I can try out my self-help tools and feel them working. I am learning that it is a cumulative process, and that it doesn’t only help the body but also the mind and spirit. I feel my mood improve after I have a session and feel more motivated and balanced throughout the day. I look forward to learning more about how to integrate this art into my life and sharing it with loved ones.”  -Kristy

“The feeling of peace and tranquility, flowing energy & warmth of spirit is amazing! I now do the Main Central Flow daily on myself as well as holding my fingers & find it to be very settling & centering.” ~Dena

“One thing a new cancer patient is not good at is relaxing. I have found that weekly sessions of Jin Shin Jyutsu have helped me deal with the initial terror of a cancer diagnosis & lessen the side effects of chemotherapy. During the session, my mind calms down enough so that I am able to think retrospectively. The Jin Shin is especially beneficial during chemo. I have found that as a result of my sessions, my color improves: less “gray”, & I can focus my mind a little better. I am less dizzy & can carry on a conversation with greater ease.” ~Peter